Thursday, October 30, 2008


The kids sculptures from Mr. D's Garden won 1st place in their respective categories. Spencer got a first place for "Most Creative" and Melissa got first place for "Best Use of Fruits and Vegetables." I had a picture of them, with their awards, but it gives away too much info. So, you will just have to take my word for it. They were both pretty excited. Especially Spencer! What did they win? A pencil... I know, pretty exciting huh? By the time Spencer got home from school his pencil was already only half as tall as it should be. Did I ever mention about how much he likes a sharp pencil? When he does his homework, he probably sharpens his pencil like ten times.

The school had a parade today for Halloween. It was only for the K through 4th grades. I've heard that the principal doesn't really like the whole parade thing, and didn't want to do it at all this year since there was no school on actual Halloween day. However, when he approached the teachers with this, some of them freaked. So, the compromise was K - 4th and then the 5th graders did "Wacky Hair" and the 6th graders wore crazy hats.
Spencer as a skull ninja (at least that was the name on the costume and he thought it was cool)Here's Jenna and Grace before the parade started. They dressed up in costumes for preschool today.
This is Melissa's "Wacky Hair." I crimped it and then we sprayed it with glitter hair spray. She was a little bummed that more people didn't think it was wacky, they all thought it was cute. I tried to take a picture to show the glitter, but it didn't turn out so well. I have to agree with the others, she did look cute!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mr. D's Garden...

Last night, I couldn't sleep. There were just way too many things swimming through my mind. As I was going through the different things that were coming up, I remembered that tomorrow (today) was Mr. D's garden at the kids' school. They were supposed to take fruits and vegetables and make a sculpture of something and then bring it to school. So I made the decision right then that I would get the kids up when I went out walking this morning and tell them that if they could get themselves totally ready for school then when I got back that would give us an hour to get their sculptures done. And what do you know? They did it!
Melissa is showing off her sculpture!
{sorry, photo removed}This is Spencer's...Jenna used the scraps that Melissa and Spencer didn't use and here's hers. She calls it a shooter thing, I think it actually looks like a duck.
The thing that was so great about this project, is there weren't any tears. And then when we took it to the school the other kids who had done theirs too, were so nice! They were saying things like "Oh cool!" or "That looks awesome!" One fifth grade boy told Spencer, "That is the best one I've seen!" it made me want to cry. And Spencer was so proud of himself.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Steve brought me flowers!

Not really, but this is better than flowers!
His was a banana cream pie shake (yuck - but I didn't have to eat it). Mine was a Chocolate explosion or something like that. It had brownie bites and chocolate bits all in it, it was almost even too much chocolate for even me. (Not really, I don't think that's even possible.) Thanks hon! I love you!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pumpkins up close...

Our pumpkins in the light....
Mark and Lisa did the ones with the Mr. Potato Head pieces. I really like the one laying downon it's side with the green face pieces. So easy!
Now with the lights off!
I know this is one of Mark and Lisa's but I'm not sure which kid this was for. Mark actually drilled the little dots with his drill the picture doesn't give it much contrast, but it really looked good!
This was Kaden's pumpkin...
This was also one of Mark and Lisa's. Like I said in my post after this one (that I actually posted first) they were VERY prepared and had all of thier pumpkins poked and ready to go.
This was Spencer's. Can you believe he cut that out by himself?
This was Amanda's pumpkin.

This was Bryce and Marlene's they did a Cinderella theme on all of their pumpkins. This one was Lucifer the Cat.

Here is Cinderella (this was Megan's favorite).

And of course, Cinderella's castle. They also had plans for Jack and Gus, but didn't have time to finish it.

This is Melissa's ... most people had a hard time trying to see what it is. Can you guess?
That's right, it is a golden retriever. It is a side profile with the dog looking to the right. If you look back at the farther away shot in the beginning I think you can see it better. Good job Melissa!

This was another one of Amanda's. It is a Headless Horseman. I think the way that the light is shining in it makes it look neat-o!

This is another one of Amanda's. I think she designed it, but her dad Levier cut it out. It is a JB for Jonas Brothers. We teased her about it being a CTR shield in another language.

This is Jenna's Thomas the Tank Engine. The pumpkin was pretty tall, and I don't think we had quite enough candles in it.

But like I said before we had a lot of fun carving the pumpkins. In helping Jenna out, Steve didn't have time to finish his pumpkin, but when he does, I'll post it and let you guess what it is!

Pumpkin Carving!

Saturday was our annual Pumpkin Carving Party with the G side of the family. This year went VERY SMOOTHLY (if I do say so myself!). I think after (what?) five or six years of doing this, I think we have finally gotten it down to a science. First of all, we started out with having everyone bring their pumpkins already hollowed out.

These are the pumpkins ready to be carved (some even had their diagrams already planned out and poked). That would be Mark and Lisa, they are the prepared ones.Bryce (or at least I think it was him) had this BRILLIANT idea to put flour in the poked holes so that you could see them better when you were ready to carve.Melissa is concentrating VERY hard to get it just right (and she had a hard one).Steve and Jenna are poking their diagram onto their pumpkin. (See, we all get patterns off of the internet and then print them out and transfer the diagram onto the pumpkin - we aren't that imaginative.)Except for a little guidance from me, Spencer did ALL of the work himself. He gutted it, poked it, and carved it up!This is Lisa with her son Kaden.

Levier and his daughter Amanda.

Bryce and Marlene

Mark with his daughter Mikayla.

So, what were the others doing during all of this?

Jayden was trying to be good.Parker (Bryce and Marlene's) was enjoying just watching.Megan (Bryce and Marlene's) did a good job watching and asking us all what we were doing.
The final result! They look great don't they?

Monday, October 20, 2008

UEA weekend

For the UEA weekend, Lisa and I met up at Burger King to play. This is Jenna and Brittany in the rocket.
Jayden (Ew...get your mouth away from THAT slide), but it's a cute picture anyway.
Lisa's oldest Brandon
BJ (can't you just hear him saying "Ta da!"
This was supposed to be Melissa and Spencer coming out of the slide. I tried to get a picture of all the kids, but I didn't realize until I uploaded them from my camera that this is how this picture turned out.
While we were at Burger King, Lisa pointed out that there was a family in the corner with Wendy's bags eating. Sure enough when I went over to take a peak, they were! I guess that's what you do when Wendy's doesn't have a playland.
After we ate, we came home, and Lisa and I blog surfed together. We showed each other all of the blogs that we like to look at and talked about the people we grew up with. I'm with Melany, I'm a blogaholic! And love it!

Friday, October 17, 2008

I forgot to take a picture...

I took the kids down to Utah county to visit my Grandpa I was sure to take my camera with me, but while we were there, I forgot to take a picture. I hope I get the chance again. I know that he is going to be gone for a while visiting some of my other cousins. I can't tell you how mad that makes me!

We did enjoy our visit though. The kids were happy to tell Grandpa about their favorite Disneyland rides. Last time we saw him was at his home in California when we went to Disneyland in March. Spencer even threw in the fact that he threw up after the teacups. Melissa is my softie. She cries everytime we leave him. She is old enough to remember all the other Grandmas and Grandpas that we have visited - and then died. She is just worried that each time we see them it is the last for a while. Jenna made sure to throw in the fact that she goes to preschool when he asked the kids what grade they are in now. And Jayden, he did good. No big mischief...what a relief.

Thanks for letting us drop by Grandpa, thanks for the apple slices and the Fig Newtons. Melissa asked if we could get some at the store last night "So we can think of Grandpa when we eat them."

Monday, October 13, 2008

I just had 4...

Four Nestle Treasures... Dark Chocolate and caramel. Does that tell you how my day has been so far?

It all started this morning when I went out to go walking with my neighbors. I was late...and had to book it to catch up. I have been playing catch-up ever since. At the end of our walk, we have this semi-ritual of going over what is going on with us that day and one of the ladies mentioned that it was her day to do the reading in Spencer and her son's class. OH, CRAP! It is mine too (we go on the same day). Wasn't planning on needing to do that. So, I go running in the house and try to get Melissa and Spencer out the door, and Spencer doesn't want to go.

He was sick on Friday, and just couldn't bring himself to want to go back. Can't blame him- I hate the catching up that you have to do when you miss. I was trying to be all nice about it and just talk him into it. I told him that I would be coming in an hour and a half {So hurry and decide because I still have to get me, Jenna and Jayden ready in that little time-said to myself of coarse}. Basically I feel like I did all I could to NICELY get him out the door. Nothing worked, so then I just had to be plain mean about it. I told him that he WAS going to school and he had 10 MINUTES to get himself out the door because I was NOT taking him to school. {For the real story read my other blog}

He did get out the door and I then had to hurry my little self to get me a shower, Jenna a shower, and Jayden a bath within one hour. All because the night before I thought I had all the time in the world to get stuff done this morning. (Yes, Dad, you are right, I heard the whole clean vs. cleaning person thing in my head all morning).

I got Jenna to playgroup, took Jayden to Grandma's, and went to Spencer's class. And guess what Spencer says when I see him? "I'm so glad you made me come to school today!" Just remember that the next time you don't want to go to school huh?

After the school thing, I went and picked up Jayden and then ran to the store and got some milk and sour cream. Ran home, fed Jayden lunch and HURRIED (LIKE MAD) to get the house cleaned for Pres. meeting at 1. I forgot to mention that while I was in the shower, Jayden had emptied the paper drawer down the stairs. The bottom drawer in the kitchen is where the kids all throw their church stuff they get (you know the pictures they color and handouts, stuff like that). When it gets full, I just throw it all out. It was my solution to traumatizing Melissa when she was little about throwing her stuff out when we got home from church. This way, it gets saved for a little while. The drawer is probably at about peak capacity right now. So, he sometimes, stands at the railing and drops it so that it lands clear at the bottom. And he had emptied the book shelves in Melissa's room and the toy baskets in the family room. Not to mention, the piano bench and the tupperware drawer. Usually I do a better job at making sure he is sufficiently occupied before I shower, but like I said, I was in a hurry.

So, now my meeting is over and I had four. And I'm not sorry about it either...remember I went walking this morning!

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly...

The Good:
There has to be something in order for the saying to work, so here's what I can come up with... It has for the most part been sunny today... It is FREAKIN' COLD outside, but at least it's sunny because if it weren't I would be depressed...

*Side note* (it made me laugh) Jenna went to go see if the next door neighbor could play and came back a few seconds later and said, "Mom, can I go over to Gavin's with Grace, cause he's my boyfriend!" - Translation - a friend that is a boy, don't you love innocence! I guess I'll include that in the good.

The Bad: That's right, Spencer is now sick. Started throwin up last night. After a week went by with noone else getting sick, I thought maybe he had escaped the yuck. No such luck...

Also included in the bad...

  • Did I mention it was FREAKIN COLD outside?
  • I am all out of foundation. I don't like having a shiny face.
  • Steve needs deodorant (only bad because I don't want to have to go to the store - you'll see why below)
  • I blew off an obligation today because I completely forgot! I hate it when I do that because I don't like to appear like a flake. Especially when I try so hard not to be one.
  • Did I mention the weather?
  • I'm tired. I din't get much sleep Wednesday night and it always seems to affect me more the second day rather than the next day. And it didn't help that at six this morning Spencer sneezed and I hear Jayden say, "Bless You!" Then Spencer laughed and then Jayden laughed and there was no going back to sleep!
  • I need to take around some primary notices (did I say how cold it is outside?)
  • I need to weed (again, the weather?)

The ugly...

Besides me, (When Melissa came home from school today she said, "Hey mom, you look like you did when I left." Meaning I was still in the clothes I went walking in this morning. I haven't showered or changed.)

I have dishes calling my name...

After Spencer threw up last night, it just kind of took any wind out of my sail and I couldn't find the energy to do the dishes. I would have made Melissa do them, but she weeded a TON by herself yesturday. (Just didn't get them all!)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I've been tagged!

Motherboard tagged me, I've never been tagged before, so thanks, it makes me feel special! Seven random and/or weird facts about me? That is a hard one!
  1. I have two favorite sandwiches. One is a toasted peanut butter sandwich. I toast some bread, butter it, then put crunchy peanut butter on. The key is the butter. And then with the bread being hot, it kind of melts the PB. SO GOOEY! The second is a tomato sandwich (I discovered this when I was pregnant with Melissa and craved tomatoes). With my secret ingredient. Again, I toast the bread, spread mayo (it's got to be Best Foods mayo) then put sliced tomato on the bread. What's the secret ingredient? BBQ potato chips. Only you have to put the chips on one at a time with each bite, or else it gets soggy. And you can't have soggy (see number 2).
  2. I don't like soggy cereal. So I don't put milk on it. I drink the milk seperate. That's right, milk and cereal don't mix!
  3. I love to vacuum. Sometimes I even have to use it as a reward. I will tell myself that if I clean up the kitchen (which I hate) I can vacuum the family room. I know, I'm sick...
  4. I really like to read. And I HAVE to read the last page of the book after I read the first chapter. I read the first chapter so that I know some of the characters and what is going on (sometimes I have to read more to get a sence of this). Then, I read the last page to find out kind of what happens. If I don't, then I tend to neglect my kids and everything else reading strait through to find out what happens. If I already know what happens, it is easier to put the book down and tend to my kids' needs. *Is this random enough?
  5. I have crazy taste! When it comes to decorating. You wouldn't know this though if you came to my house. Because my house isn't decorated at all. In fact people who come over, comment on how "clean" it is. That's only because it's empty. But if you could only see what is in my head!
  6. I love playing games. But then I married someone who doesn't love it as much as me. Same with sports I guess. Growing up the sabbath day ended for sports center. I used to be able to tell you who was on what team, who the coaches were, etc. But now...
  7. I'm afraid of the phone. I don't like to call and ask people to do things. I love to chat away with people I know (and like). But I have to really talk myself into calling up someone for a favor. Like finding a substitute in primary (the worst - I am just SURE you are on the other line saying "ARGH! Why are you asking me? I hate you!" Or to call and get a bill mix up taken care of. And the other thing that scares me is reporting my visiting teaching. Even when I've done it. Don't ask me why, it is just a very awkward (spelling?) phone conversation for me.

So, there you have it my randomness! I tag: Lisa, Heather, Brett, Melany, Megan, Judy, and Joanna. Good luck guys! Can't wait to hear from you!

Stay AWAY!

I have been non-existent on the blogger scene for a week and this is why... Yep, the flu-bug has hit our house. So, stay away. Stay far away. And for the record, it is going around because people that don't even live near me, and that I haven't even been around lately, have it too.

In case you were wondering...

For those of you who were wondering how Jayden could have gotten the chocolates in the first place...

What am I to do?

* OK, first two big disclaimers. Yes, this is on Sunday. And no, we usually don't water in the afternoon (you know the whole don't water between 10 and 6 thing). So, if you can look past the whole "breaking the sabbath day" thing, this is actually a funny post.
Sunday, I was making dinner and needed a tomato. So, Spencer offered to go pick one out of the garden. I asked him to take Jayden because well, he's Jayden. So, off they went. Spencer came back in with a tomato and no Jayden. When I went out back to get him, he was playing in the sprinklers. In his church clothes!

The Zoo

Steve and his brother Mike are taking a class on Saturdays to study for the CPA exam. So, Mike's wife Judy and I decided to take the kids to the zoo. I was surprised at how CROWDED it was. We lucked out though and found a parking spot fairly close quickly. If not, I probably would have been a little cranky.Even with it a little crowded we still had fun and the kids got to see and do what they wanted. Melissa got to see the penguins.
Spencer wanted to see the bears.
This was just a cute picture.
Jenna wanted to see the big fake elephant sneeze.
Jayden wanted to ride the train. When it was over, I had to literally peel his fingers off the bars to get him off.

Jenna and Sam walked around the zoo like this for most of the time. They are such good friends. I wonder though if at some point the whole boys/girls have cuties thing will ruin it.

We saw the bird show. Sam actually won a free ticket for the train by answering a question. Cute monkeys (the animals too)
I couldn't get any of the kids to do it, so I did!
This giraffe came freakishly close to us! Gives me the creeps too, I just don't like animals invading my personal space. The thing the kids don't realize is giraffes have crazy long tongues and it could totally have licked them!