Friday, May 30, 2008

This is how you know when you are done (having kids that is)...

You have a kid like Jayden... Jayden is by far our most challenging kid. He takes a lot of energy. I have to say that things are calming down, but we have to keep a constant eye on him. For example, if the pantry is left open, he will go help himself to whatever. Here he is with a whole wad of bread. He has also been known to dump out the bag of sugar, bust a can of soda because he was throwing it around, and hide toys in the flour.

I added these two in because he does do some cute things too. However, the picture of him with the binky (for the record we got rid of the binky a while ago, this picture was taken in Febrary) he is doing his "scowl". Which is like him saying "Yeah, whatever mom." If Jayden can't reach it, doesn't matter, he will find some way of getting it. Whether it is a tipped over toy bucket or a chair, or whatever...
Leaving anything on the table is an absolute no-no too. Here he is taking some of Jenna's cereal while she is busy looking at the TV. His cereal is in the pink bowl and he decided he liked Jenna's better, so he climbed up on the table and took hers instead.
He is a pretty cute kid, which makes it hard for you to get mad, but boy is he ever a climber, a runner and a mover. He is just always on the go. In trying to find pictures for this blog, I realized I don't take as much pictures of him as I should. But perhaps it is because I am just too tired...

Dance Recital!

Melissa and Jenna had their Spring Dance Recital last night. This is Melissa performing her solo "Dirty Little Secret". She did it for competitions in April and placed second at both competitions. She is now in the Intermediate category, so second was a pretty big deal for her. Last year she did a solo in the beginner category and won, so she had to move up to the next category this year.
Jenna has just been so excited to finally be up on stage she doesn't seem to have any fear. She seems to get up there and just smile the entire time and can be pretty animated with some of her facial expressions.
Both girls got a trophy for participating and Melissa got a medal for going the extra mile during class. It doesn't surprise me, she has always taken dance very serious and really wants to do a good job. She sometimes gets frustrated when the other girls mess around during class. Jenna on the other hand I think gets wound up with the other girls in class and sometimes when I pick her up from class she'll tell me she didn't get a treat after class because she was being naughty.

Jayden didn't cooperate so well during the recital. I spent most of my time in the back of the auditorium with him running around. I missed seeing Jenna, but I had seen most of Melissa's dances at competition. I did get to see Jenna this morning on the video camera and she did really well. I wish I knew how to add video to these blogs, if I did I would include a snip of Jenna and Melissa. I guess I will have to get Lisa to show me how some time.