Monday, August 30, 2010

Back tracking

Before school started I took the kids to Lagoon. The stranger there in the middle is Melissa's good friend Haley. I thought it would be a good idea of she came with us so that if Melissa wanted to go off and ride some big rides, and Spencer didn't want to, she could. Doesn't everyone look excited? (Jayden must have some intuition at this point that it won't be a fun day for him.) Marlene came with her two kids Megan and Parker, so here's the entire group!
Our first ride was the swings! Jenna loved them....

Jayden did not... He watched from the exit. I tried putting him on, but after screaming bloody murder, I had to take him off.

Jenna and Megan rode the airplanes together...

While we were looking for the next ride, we ran into Melissa Haley and Spencer waiting in line for the viking swing. So I figured I would get some pictures of them since I may not otherwise.

Here they are waiting for the ride to begin. I think Spencer is already a little nervous. He was the surprise of the day. He tried EVERYTHING. And said he liked it whether he actually did or not.

And there they are! Only Spencer isn't holding his arms in the air.

Jenna on the Dumbo ride. I thought for sure that she would want to try some of the bigger rides. She was tall enough, but was happier to be on the little rides.

Next we went on the cars.

This was by far Jayden's favorite ride.

He went on it SEVERAL times. Here he is on the blue car with Parker. Then a red car by himself...

Then a red car with Parker...

Let's just say that he went on a green one also, and the blue one again... That was until we found the bumper cars. He liked those too.

Here we are on the train...

Jayden actually liked that one too. The train basically took us through their "zoo" which was awesome. We saw all kinds of animals REALLY close up.

After that we went to the car and had lunch. After lunch we went in and went to Lagoona Beach. Which is a water park like Raging Waters. Jayden enjoyed playing in the kiddie pools with Jenna. Melissa, Haley and Spencer went around on the water slides by themselves. Later, Marlene had to get to Back to School night for Megan, so she took Jayden and dropped him off at her Mom's house. Then, Jenna and I hung around the beach for a while and then when we met up with Melissa and Spencer again, we went back to the amusement rides. Jenna and I rode several by ourselves and then when Steve was on his way home from work, he came and picked up Jenna. It was all perfect timing because as I was taking Jenna to the pick up area, Marlene got there. She had left her kids home with her husband and came back to ride the scarey rides her kids couldn't go on. So after Jenna went home, Marlene, Spencer, Melissa, Haley and I went on the big rides. It was a lot of fun!
Before Jenna left, she rode the whale ride which was the only ride she remembered from the last time we went to Lagoon. After she got off, she said, "Hmm... that wasn't as fun as I remembered it!" She was a lot littler then!

I just had to post the video from the bumper cars. The guy running the ride would just stand there and say "Turn your wheel!" over and over again so the kids could get unclogged... I like Jenna's look at the boy who bumps her!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The weed

I don't normally do a post about myself, with a picture of myself in it, so let's call this a "treat" for you. I weed pretty regularly. Really I do. That having been said, can you see the weed in this picture? Me neither, but upon further inspection as to why some of the bush was a different green color, I realized this was in there.
The cray thing is, the leaves of the weed and the bush were almost the same size and shape!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Melissa's first day

Melissa started her first day of Jr. High yesterday! She got a call from a friend at 7 that morning saying that they (a couple of her friends in our neighborhood) were going to walk over to one of their friends bus stop and they were asking her if she wanted to walk over with them. And rather than ride the bus without her friends, she hurried up and got ready 10 minutes early. So I quickly snapped some pictures before she left and didn't get a chance to see that I am in the reflection of the mirror and so is the flash, so you can't see her very well, but you can get a jist of how her hair was. And yes, she wore make up the first day too. I know, she's all grown up...

Here's what she looked like after school. I wanted a better picture of her clothes (seeing as how they were such a pain to get in the first place).

Is it just me or does she look a little tired? All the running from class to class will do that to you!

Notice her cute shoes? They are gold. A muted gold, so not flashy, but way cute huh? I was surprised to find that she only knew 2 or 3 kids in each class and some are from dance and not even her elementary school. I guess this is the first taste of feeling like a small fish in a big pond. I was excited however to find that her really good friend from growing up (the one that we went to Lagoon with - you'll see her in tomorrows post about Lagoon) had the same lunch that she did and she was super excited about that as well.

Friday, August 20, 2010

First Day of School

School started for two of us at our house. And ONE of us is really excited! That would be Jenna. She and Spencer started a new school this year and Jenna loves meeting new people. She especially liked the fact that she got a locker this year.

This is Spencer in class. He seems nervous huh?

Here's the happy lonely boy left at home. Melissa was home this week too since school doesn't start until next week, but she wasn't about to let me take a picture of her in her jammies. Don't ask me what Jayden and I will be doing because I have no clue, the only thing that entertains him right now is video games and we won't be doing that all day, so he is in for a rude awakening.

Spencer when he was not so nervous.... The new school requires the kids to wear uniforms. The original dress code said that third graders on up had to have their shirt tucked in with a belt at all times. So that is why his shirt is tucked in. However, the newer dress code states that if the shirt has a square hem on the bottom, they don't have to tuck it in. We didn't know that on the first day of school though, so unfortunately he was a nerd the first day.

Notice how they are both carrying bags of groceries? The kids were given a list of school supplies a lot of which were things like clorox wipes, copy paper, dry erase markers, ziploc bags, etc. Stuff to stock the class room. Thank you budget cuts!

Girl uniforms are a lot cuter than what the boys can wear don't you think?

Part two will be next week when Melissa starts!