Friday, September 26, 2008

I know, you've seen this before...

I know that I have done posts like this before, and believe me I try to weed them down. It actually happens a lot more than I report. However, this one was well, different...Jayden came to me to tell me he needed a washcloth. "Ya think so!" I started to panic though because last night we had some really yummy cake, and I was looking forward to having some more after lunch. I was being so good too, not to have any for breakfast, which was a pat me on the back moment. But now, it was gone, I was good, and look where it got me. I got nothing, see, good guys do finish last some times. But wait!
The cake was still there! Just the one finger lick in the middle that was there last night (thanks to Spencer- but who can blame him!). So where did chocolate hands come from?
That's right, Lisa brought us back some chocolate covered Macadamia Nuts from Hawaii. The box holds fifteen. I had one, Melissa had one, Spencer had one and Jenna had one... Jayden didn't have any because he was taking a nap at the time. But don't worry, he got more than his fair share. He ate ten of them.
For those of you math whizzes, this is the one that was left over.
And lucky me, that night his diaper was nothing but the nuts. Literally. I don't think he chewed any of them really. They were pretty much whole. He just realished the chocolate.
So, now I have learned my lesson... That's right, eat cake for breakfast. He didn't, but he totally could have eaten it and I would have been out of luck.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So, I did it...

I have been posting to my other blog so you have a "sample" of my thoughts. Some of you have already seen it, but for those of you waiting for the "official" invite, here you go. My new blog is linked on the side with my "favorite blogs." And you know what, it is one of my favorite blogs. So theraputic (sp?). It is "I'm just sayin'."

But there are some rules if you read it...
#1 No getting offended
#2 There are times I am ranting to myself to. (Just remember that) I am guilty of some of the things I complain about too.
#3 Don't ask me who I am talking about! It could be you and I don't want to lie.
#4 Leave a comment. If you agree, let me know, if not, by all means I want to know that even more! I have been known to change my mind.

There you have it, read it and enjoy!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Blog Surfing

I was blog surfing today because I did not want to take a shower. Sometimes it just seems like more work than it's worth. Anyhow, in the process of "surfing" I came across a blog of one of my old primary teachers. Which is funny because I was thinking about her and her husband this week.

On Monday we had a Presidency meeting for Primary. During the meeting we were talking about all of the "holes" we need to fill. There are quite a few who have been released or are being released and there aren't replacements for them yet. As we were discussing people to sub, I realized that there are a lot of people who "sick" of primary right now and don't want to help. And don't get me wrong, I know how they feel. I have to admit I have been there myself. The class that we were discussing in particular reminded me of my own class at that age. We had Bro. and Sis. T. In fact, the more I thought about it, we had Bro. and Sis. T for a couple of years. I think they just followed us as we got older. And they were AMAZING!

We were always having class parties. Swim parties, Christmas parties, slumber parties (back then you could do that - girls in one room, boys in the other), and parties to plan our class presentations in Sharing time. They encouraged us to memorize scriptures - if we memorized a scripture, they would take us for Frozen Yogurt. They even gave me my first journal. They showed us what it meant to fellowship someone. There was this kid who (I think) had a single mom raising him. They were always inviting him to primary. They would pick him up for our parties and would really try to get us to include him in our games. There was even one kid who was deaf (that wasn't in our class), that would come to class and Bro. T would talk to him in sign language.

I respected them. They always told us the truth. If we were doing something that wasn't right, or maybe said or did something that wasn't nice, they told us. And you know, we all respected what they had to say. We knew that they were correcting us because they loved us and were trying to help us and teach us what was right.

They showed up each and every week prepared with a well thought out lesson and when they couldn't make it (which was rare) they had a substitute. I learned a lot those years, and now when I think back on primary teachers, they are the ones that I remember. And as we were trying to come up with names for subs in Primary this week, I thought of them.

So, thank you Bro. and Sis. T. I am sure that there are others who think of you when they think of primary. So, thank you for teaching us, thank you for coming each week, thank you for loving us, and thank you for giving us an example that we will follow for the rest of our lives. And my hope is that my children someday have Bro. and Sis. T's as well. If we could only be so lucky...

Other things I found while blog surfing is that some people have grown up into exactly what I thought they would be like and others are total SHOCKERS! For example, my friend who had this extensive collection of porceline babies just had twins. She has three other kids, and is LOVING it. She was always the one that everyone asked to babysit because she loved it and was good at it. (I didn't love it so much). Another kid that seemed pretty shy to me just got married not too long ago, I guess it took him awhile to get the nerve up. Someone else, is more of an independent and isn't married, not a shocker. But then there are the shockers! Like the kid that used to try cheating off of me in Spanish class, he's a teacher! I wonder what his cheating policy is? Or the kid that was a ladies man in high school. He's not married. Or the only child who has a BUNCH of kids! Or the kid that I had a crush on in like for ever is a beach bum. Go figure!

It does make me wonder though if people saw me now, would I surprise them or not?

That's one way to do it!

The kids were out playing last Saturday with the neighbors and Jayden was trying to ride their scooter... That didn't work, so Erin lowered the handle bars...
He still couldn't get it, so he tried to sit on it...
So, this is what he came up with!

I had to throw this in there for a laugh! The kids decided to ride their bike over to the park, and Jayden thought that he should be able to go too. I caught him around our mailbox, but not before snapping a picture.

Jenna's Life Lesson...

Jenna was on the computer today playing with her "Webkinz". It is a cat named Kathy. She was trying to find some clothes to buy for it. I heard her say outloud, "Why are the beautiful things expensive?" I don't know, Jenna, I don't know...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What do I blog?

It has been a while and I have nothing... I have been toying around with the idea of starting a "side blog". It would be a blog where I just let off some steam. So, I have been coming up with ALL SORTS of stuff to rant about, but nothing about my kids or us. So, when I get that up and running, I'll let you know, and until my kids do something funny or maddening...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

So you think you can dance?

The kids were over at Steve's parents the other day while Steve was working on their kitchen. Amanday (their cousin) was there with her Jonas brother's CD and they were having a pretty good time with it. Don't you love their dance style!


Jenna and Spencer (not sure where he learned to Shimmee like that!)


Their dancing styles are about as unique as they are!

I SOOOO know better than that...

I should know by now to check more carefully when I leave Jayden by himself in a room that it is OK. Jenna and Jayden had chicken nuggets today for lunch. They both love to dip the nuggets in salad dressing. I cleaned up the kitchen while Jenna was finishing eating, but she still had the salad dressing out "in case" she needed more. I took her to preschool and when I got home, went in my room to brush my teeth and I hear Jayden yell, "Washcloth!" I immediately started to think of what he could possibly have gotten into, and then it hit me, the salad dressing was still out...

So, then I got him down to clean off the table and he realized there was some on the floor, so he first said, "Uh, oh!" and then...

He decided why let good salad dressing go to waste.

First Day of Preschool

Since I blogged Spencer and Melissa's first day of school, I figured I should blog Jenna's first day of preschool.
Can you tell she was excited?
Jenna started preschool on Wednesday, I just haven't had anytime to blog anything. So, here is the marathon of catching up.