Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A spilled cup of water...

Yesterday I had an interesting experience. Each of my kids for different reasons spilled a cup of water.

Jayden was finished drinking his cup of water (but it was still full) and tried to throw it(literally) in the sink. However, he isn't quite tall enough to get it in the sink and it hit the counter and being plastic bounced off and went everywhere. His reaction "uh oh" followed by let's splash in the puddles I created.

Jenna on the other hand had a few bits of water drip off her chin and her reaction is "Mom, I need a new shirt." She can't stand having the "wet" shirt even if it is a tiny bit.

Spencer was putting water in his cup from the fridge and his hand moved spilling a bit of water on the floor. His first reaction is to clean it up. He can't stand a mess.

Then I go to pick Melissa up from dance and she and her friends were pouring their water bottles on their heads.

Amazing that a spilled cup of water can say so much about your kids.

Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School

Yep, that's right, it seems like everyone else has already been there done that these past few weeks, but it was finally our turn for the first day of school. And boy were WE excited. I love having them home, don't get me wrong, Melissa and Spencer are great help around the house, and with Jayden, but I am glad to have a reason for structure. I am glad that they will be able to have a reason for going to bed on time, and a reason why I have to get up and get going in the morning. I just realized they are kind of color coordinated.
When it was time for backpacks and shoes Jayden wanted in on the action. He went and got his shoes and backpack and carried it around with him pretty much all day.
Since Jayden got his picture taken Jenna wanted one too.
I took pictures of the kids at school waiting in line. Melissa is with her friend Laura. We are sad that Laura isn't in her class this year. We have really liked Laura in class with Melissa. And yes, I say we because Laura is a great friend to Melissa. Melissa has a lot of really great friends for a lot of different reasons. I am glad as a mom that that is the case because Melissa needs friends and there are plenty of good ones to chose from. I just hope it keeps up into jr. high and high school.
Spencer was a little embarassed that I took his picture in line because I was THE ONLY ONE. He wanted to know why I couldn't just stand in line with him like the other mom's. My answer because I gotta blog it buddy...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Years in the making!

After 11 years of working on her degree since leaving BYU in 1973, my mom did it...She graduated. Not only did she graduate, she did it in style. You can't tell, but in the picture above she is in the second row 9th from the left.
I can't tell you how disappointed we were when the Dean asked all the families to refrain from clapping until the very end. Lisa had gone to a party store and picked up a bunch of noise makers...Yep, you name it we had it, cow bells, a fog horn, a giant clapper and pompons. During the ceremony though, there were a couple of families that didn't obey the rules and clapped. Looking back I wished we hadn't followed the rules because she deserved all the whoop and holler we had. After they called all the names, they let the audience clap, but by then you couldn't tell who the noise was for.
You can't really hear the fog horn in all the applause, but towards the end of the clip, you can hear this high pitched squeal. During the applause, the tip of the horn blew off, and the horn went from a fog horn sound to this high pitched squeal. You can really hear it in the second clip though.
Just so Mom would hear all the noise makers, when we met up in the hall we did it again for her. (Yes, she is in tears...but she wasn't the only one, what can I say, it was a big deal!)
Mom and grandma
We got her balloons and flowers just to show her how proud we were of her and that at any age, you deserve recognition.
Dad even wore a suit for the occassion, way to go Dad!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A fun picnic on a hot day

Today Jenna and Grace decided that for lunch they would play in the sprinklers and have a Peanut Butter Sandwich. I thought it was a good idea...

Oh, to be young again!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sometimes Mommy has to go potty...

For most of the morning Jayden has been following me around the house while I did my morning chores. And he's been pretty mellow too. I got my bed made, some laundry changed, and folded. I made Jayden's bed, and had me pick up some of the toys he played with this morning. But then I needed to go potty, you know, sometimes that just happens, not that often mind you, but then I came out to this mess!
Yes, that in cereal all over the floor and table, I am not sure if I got the complete scope of the mess, but it is EVERYWHERE. I mean come on I was only in the bathroom less than two minutes. I really was fast. Only here is the irony of the situation, the mess wasn't made by Jayden. It was Jenna and Spencer. Yes, that's right two kids who should know better. We have this rule in our house with Lucky Charms. The rule is you have to eat it all, the marshmallows and the crunchy ones (that's what we call the cereal pieces that you see all over the floor) if you want any more cereal out of that box. If you leave the crunchy ones and just eat the marshmallows, then you do not get to partake of anymore cereal from that box. Aparently, Spencer had only a few left (of the crunchy ones) and he put them in Jenna's bowl. Jenna does not like milk in her cereal and the pieces had milk on them. Which made her made and she threw them at Spencer. Having had milk on them, they stuck to Spencer which made him mad, and a food fight was underway. This was the result. So, in the one and one-half minutes that I was in the bathroom, this is what happened. Oh, and just for the record, Jayden had made a mess of his own...
Yep, that's two boxes of tissues.

A lot to say...

It has been a while since I have had time to sit and blog, but here are a few of the last ideas of posts I had...
One morning I went into the girl's room and saw Jenna's bed, made and empty. Only I thought she hadn't woken up yet. However, upon further inspection, this is what we found...
She had fallen asleep at some point under her bed. And I guess at night she had never actually gotten in her bed.
Spencer doesn't look all that sad to have the earings and crown on what do you think?

Monday, August 4, 2008

Itsy Bitsy Spider...Jayden style

Jayden's new favorite song is "Itsy, Bitsy, Spider." It used to be "Row, Row, Boat!" (Jayden's version of "Row, Row, Row your boat.") If we are singing it with him he will do all of the actions. I wanted to get it on video, but the first attempt went like this...

Second attempt was this:

Third time we tried it without the kids singing and it didn't go so well, but you get the gist, he likes the "WASHED!" part.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Random Thoughts

In the spirit of "I don't have anything else to post" I thought I would put down some of my random thoughts for these past few days...

My house smells like Tide...

Two days ago, Jayden got into the tide detergent in the laundry room. He was scooping it up and pouring it on the floor. Melissa was nice enough to volunteer to vacuum it all up for me. However yesturday when I went to vacuum the house, it smelled like Tide. I think that the heat from the vacuum just warmed the soap up and emitted odors. Good thing it is a smell I like. There are some detergents that I can not stand.

My lipstick doesn't match my shirt...

In trying to branch out from the usual colors I buy, I got a lavender colored shirt. This morning I got all ready and before heading out the door looked at myself in the mirror and thought, "Hey, my lipstick doesn't match my shirt." I didn't have any other alternative, so I wore it anyway (the lipstick that is). It is kind of like those times when I have changed my hair color and thought, "Hey, my shirt doesn't match my hair." I know, whatever...

My kids get some of their worst characteristics from me...

This is probably the saddest thought. One of my kids (who will remain nameless - but some will probably guess who) is always using this phrase, "No seriously...." That I can't stand. She does it all the time. Then yesturday I was going to call someone on the phone and since I am a social reject, I was "practicing" my phone conversation before I called. And in that "practicing" I used the phrase that I hate my child using and realized that she probably got it from me. They also probably get yelling at each other from me and being messy eaters from me and the girls not cleaning their room from me and well you get the picture. However, one thing they do not get from me is having potty accidents. We have seen a rising number of those lately and I don't think I did that much. I remember one time when I was little I pottied my pants at a friends house because I couldn't get my pants unbuttoned, but not much more than that. However, the pregnant accidents are another story. I don't think anyone is responsible for those.

Simplify and Inovate...

I was talking to Michelle on the phone yesturday about some people taking their callings way to far. Doing way too much. So much so that people after them don't want the calling because they could never measure up to the person before. Or doing so much that "wastefulness" is created. She said that during one of the last training sessions for church someone and I don't know who it was mentioned that magnifying your calling might mean (for these kinds of people) simplify and inovate. Not do more. I would agree with the fact that some people could do more - like show up for activities if you are in charge of. However, in our area I think more people need to take on the motto that "less is more".

Jayden stinks...

The last two days, Jayden has woken up early from his nap because he had a messy diaper. So, he woke up about forty minutes ago with a stinky. And right now he is standing here telling me he has a poo poo. D_ _ n !

Nature calls...