Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy Easter

I don't know what my problem was this year, but the pictures for Easter this year stink. Yep, this is somehow the best one. I got a few good pictures of the kids doing the easter egg hunt with Steve's family, but when it actually came time for Easter morning, nada. Not even pictures of the kids in their church clothes. I think it is probably because the more pictures you take the more you have to scrapbook and the further I fall behind.

Anyway, the kids got Webkinz for Easter. When they woke up, their animals were in their basket and the Easter bunny left a list of the candy for them to find. They were mostly excited about the Webkinz. Except for Jayden, he was thrilled when he found out that there was candy inside the eggs.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Jenna's Birthday

That's right, Jenna turned 4 this year. When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she said she wanted cake. Chocolate cake to be exact. So, I think that if we just got her the cake she would have been excited. However, a couple of days before her birthday she saw a commercial for a cabbage patch doll that licks ice cream and decided that was what she wanted. Melissa and I drove all over looking for a "cute" cabbage patch doll that licks ice cream. We found some cabbage patch dolls at one Walmart, but they were ugly (that's a little harsh, I guess they were just odd looking). So we drove to Toys R Us, Target, Shopko and Kmart, and everyone was all out. Then at about 8 at night Melissa had a great idea to try a different Walmart since they had them, but they weren't cute. So we had a store clerk (we had gone back to Walmart to see if any of the "not so cute" ones would work) look up in the computer if any of the other Walmarts had any. And they did, so we drove to another Walmart, where they had a ton, but they were all on the top shelf. So, we found a guy to get a ladder and help us, and went through every single one, looking for the perfect doll. And as you can see from the next picture, we found it!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I know, where have I been?

Pretty sad that it has been since November that I have blogged. I need to repent and get on with it! March is a busy month for us. First of all, we went Disneyland! It was kind of a lst minute thing. Steve usually is deep into busy season until at least April, but this year it has been pretty light. We were planning on going sometime this spring and when we started trying to figure out when would work, it was either go now, or wait until later when it starts getting crowded. So, we went now.

March 2nd we hopped in the car, drove to Lehi and picked up Steve's brother and his family and drove to California. We made pretty good time. Spencer and Jayden were sick (flu-stuff) before we left and both threw up once in the car on the way home. We were pretty fortunate though because Jayden had a cup of cereal in front of him and got most of it in the cup, and it happened right as we were getting off the freeway to let the kids go potty! Spencer was able to make it into the bucket we had in the car just in case something like that happened.

We made pretty good time traveling down, and so we decided to stop by my parents old home. Sad, but it doesn't look much like I remember it. The bushes and trees are all gone. If they only knew how much time my dad had spent in the yard working to get it the way it was, maybe they would have thought twice before yanking everything out. The only improvement they have made to it was changing the front door color (sorry dad, purple wasn't my favorite).

After seeing the house, we went and visited Grandpa. Was nice to see him and let the kids out. I am so sad though I didn't take pictures of him and the kids. That was not one of my better moments. However, when he moves up here, I will have to take the kids down to see him and take pictures. Melissa was worried as we got in the car though that she forgot to tell him she loved him and was afraid she may never get the chance again, so she ran back in to do it, and it was a vey cute moment.

When we finally got to Disneyland, the kids were a little disappointed because from the outside it doesn't look like much. Melissa has been before and she was trying to tell the others that you have to get inside to see. But Jenna just thought it was a boring hotel room.

Monday morning we got up and headed over to the park. The longest line I stood in all day was the line to get a stroller. While I was in line getting a stroller, the others went in and started going on rides. When I caught up with them, Spencer told me he wasn't feeling good and that he needed to throw up, so I took him to the bathroom and thought that maybe we shouldn't have hurried the trip if Spencer was going to be sick all day. After he threw up though and we went back with the others, I asked them what rides they went on while I was in line for the strollers and they said that they went on the teacups. No wonder Spencer threw up! Anyway, the rest of the day went great. Poor Jayden though, he went from being in a car all day, to a stroller the next day. There were times that he was able to get out and run around and he did get to go on some rides, so he was a good sport about it all.

On Tuesday we went to the beach which was by far Jayden's favorite thing. Melissa and Spencer braved the ice-cold water and had a great time. Jenna and Jayden just dug in the sand and enjoyed that. The out-side temp was great. We had been having really cold weather here, so the seventies was perfect. It was sad though to come back and have cold weather again. The warm temps certainly gave us spring fever!

After the beach we drove to Las Vegas, saw the fountains at the Belagio and then went to bed. The next day we drove home. It was a quick and fun trip, and the kids were all good sports about the car ride. It sure helps with the modern conveniences of a DVD player and Video games!