Monday, November 1, 2010

Just chillin'

I know that I am WAY behind on posting, so since I have a few minutes to spare, I thought that I would create several blog posts, and then have them set to post a new one each day. Hopefully that will get me caught up at some point. So what have we been up to? September was actually a pretty relaxing month. We found lots of time to actually do some "chillin".
Jayden is perfecting his "lego ships" that he makes for his storm troopers. Melissa has had her fair share of homework. And how she can stand to do homework in this position every day is beyond me. I originally thought it would last for the first week at most, but nope, every day she is laying on her tummy doing her homework.

Spencer has spent several hours doing legos with Jayden.

And of course, Jenna seems to lose another tooth every other day. She has lost a total of six so far. And two more are loose. But let's hope that her two front teeth come in before she looses the two to the left and right of those because I don't think she will be able to eat otherwise.

This was a cute picture so I thought I would add it.

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Lhone said...

Glad to seeyour blogging again. And, I used to do my homework in the same position. It's how the brainiacs do their homework. Don't be a hater.