Friday, September 17, 2010


Jayden came home from Preschool yesterday with a list of things that they interviewed him about. I thought I would share his answers.
How old are you? "Free" - That is his way of saying three. But at least he was honest, usually he isists that he is four.
What is your favorite food? "Pancakes" - Not hard to please!
What is your favorite color? "White" - Whatever, I bet some other kid chose this or she gave him some options and this was the last one that he said. His favorite colors are blue and yellow.
What is your favorite Song? "I Am a Child of God"
What is your favorite movie? "I like Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, but it's at the Redbox"
What is your favorite treat? "My Mom's" - That would be a frozen chocolate zinger. That's what he wants when he says he wants my treat.
What is your favorite animal? "Rascal" - His stuffed webkins Dog.
What do you want to be when you grow up? "Me" - I hope that he stays himself too!
How many people are in your family? "Spencer, Jenna, My Dad, and Spencer" - What about me?
What does your dad always say to you? "That his air compressor is red" - Jayden is TERRIFIED of Steve's air compressor because the motor goes off at completely random times and scares the begeebies out of him. The other day, he would not step a foot into the garage until I checked and made sure that it wasn't plugged in.
What does your mom always say to you? "Gives me a treat" - Glad I could oblige.
Who is your best friend? "Melissa" - This is true. He loves to hang out with Melissa.
What is the best present you've ever had? "One minute" - I think he is meaning that every once in a while I will let him have extra minutes on the Playstation, and I guess to him that his favorite present.
What do you think about? "When my mom mows the lawn"
What does your mom do all day? "Talk to me"
What does your dad do all day? "Watch a movie" - Whenever Mom is gone and Jayden is "hanging out" with Dad, Dad usually puts a movie on and then lays there and takes a nap while Jayden watches the movie.
What was your favorite vacation? "It was blue" - I don't think he even knows what a vacation is.


Christine said...

He looks so grown up in that picture ... and I agree, our air compressor's random starts makes me startle too!

Lhone said...

those are great. i like how mom doesn't make the list of people in the home. and, he must like treats because that was the answer for a lot of them. what does he want to be? me. perfect.

Dean and Cindy Hatch said...

Those were great answers...and his Grandma Hatch doesn't know what a vacation is either...just what a visit is - Fun, but still not a vacation.