Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jenna's new passion

No, not playing with Mr. Potato head, this was her prize, her new passion? Reading! She is required to read 20 min. each night as part of her homework. In September, her teacher announced a contest that they were going to see who could read the most minutes for the month. Jenna at first started to read 30 minutes each night because that was what Spencer was supposed to read. And she was in the lead for the first week, however, then the next week a kid had read quite a bit over the weekend, and was catching up to her, so then the next three days straight, instead of playing with friends after school, she read... and read... and read... Then she got so far ahead, she said she was pretty sure that she was going to win. However, then she said that just to make sure she would win, she was still going to read 30 min. each night. Surprise! Surprise! she won. I just went to Parent Teacher Conferences this past week, and her teacher was showing me that there was a reading test they took at the beginning of the year, and then the same test taken at the end of first term, and her results were amazing! She jumped up almost three grade levels in her reading ability. I guess you could say that all of her reading has paid off in more ways than one.


Lhone said...

It's sad there was hoopla over all the reading winning, but it seems to have done her some good. Good job, Jenna! And, awesome prize!

Dean and Cindy Hatch said...

Great job, Jenna!!! I'm proud of you. Reading is so fun too.
Love, Grandma Hatch