Monday, November 15, 2010

Fun Trip - Segment #2

After leaving Spokane, we drove... and drove...
and drove...

To Seattle... Which I have to say, the highway right before driving into Seattle, was probably the prettiest drive I have ever been on. The trees were amazing! However, the closer we got to Seattle, the cloudier it got. But that's what they say right? It always rains there. The ONLY planned thing we had on our entire trip besides visiting my Grandpa, was to go up in the Space Needle. But what good is it going up if you can't see anything? But, we went up in it anyway. Each of the kids took turns looking out through the telescopes.

Then, they all played this game with this camera thing. There are cameras set up outside on the space needle, and you can maneuver them and zoom in and see things that are outside the space needle. Someone was in control of the camera, and they would find something and zoom in on it, then the other kids would go to the window and see if they could find it. They actually played this for quite a while.

Melissa was the first to venture outside in the rain. Then we all followed, and boy was it cold!

I guess we weren't really dressed for the weather. We just weren't quite sure what to expect. After leaving the space needle, we got in the car, and drove on to Portland, Oregon.


Cynthia Hatch said...

I lvoe when kids will come up with games to play. No TV, computer...will bring out the best in them.

Lhone said... seattle. Sorry it was cold, but that was the true seattle experience.